Guiding moms to live actively and bravely with inner certainty to create the life they want and deserve!





I help exhausted and overwhelmed moms get their life on the trajectory of vivid health and happiness through planning, accountability, and encouragement.  I have lived through the struggle and have overcome challenges and adversity. With years of professional and personal experience, I am here to help you realize your dreams, and provide you with the tools to conquer your goals!



is to make an impact and difference in lives to create Strong Unstoppable Passionate Energetic Resilient moms who raise children to be the same….to be a guide in creating unstoppable confidence and unshakeable inner certainty that they can handle anything in their life.


is showing people what’s possible when they believe in themselves. The goal is to inspire people to be their authentic selves and step out of their comfort zones. When you step out of comfortable habits that's where the magic happens!

Take action now to be the real you and CREATE the life you want to experience

Virtual and live workshops to help you create a better life.


One-on-one and group programs designed to create your plan to thrive.


Aly has 20+ years in the health and fitness industry, including specific experience in Sports Medicine and Public Health. She has an MS in Health Science and a BA in Kinesiology/Athletic Training.

As a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, Aly was responsible for the prevention and care of athletic related injuries as well as strength and conditioning programs. Having the realization that she wanted to work with all populations of people to inspire healthy lifestyles she started her own fitness training business, “fitnessAly”, where she was able to support hundreds of people in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Fast forward to Aly finding herself as a single mom needing to supplement her income, she discovered her passion and purpose teaching Physical Health and Mental Wellness classes to incoming college freshman. Having the opportunity to help others with her knowledge and life experiences she
now understood the need to strengthen the mind as well as the muscles. Having experienced her own journey toward empowerment, authenticity and peace of mind as she overcame challenges and adversity, Aly decided to bring her “class” to the world and transformed “fitnessAly” into Aly B Coaching.
Today Aly is thriving in building resilience and mental toughness to propel forward while inspiring others. Her gift and passion is helping you embrace your life experiences— no matter how challenging — to create an empowering, extraordinary life.

She believes that the purpose of her life is to be a force of creative energy, inspiring YOU to thrive.




5 Tips to creating a Stress Free Life that you direct with matter what!



" I believe that people come into our lives when we need them the most. I can’t express what Aly has done for me and I am so grateful that she took me under her wing, and brought me along to better health, mentally and physically. I addition to all the goodness I feel I have a wonderful new friend in my life. Aly is a treasure! "

Pat K.

"I believe that each of us reaches a time in our life when we need someone special to enter our personal world. The trick is finding “that someone” and the even bigger trick is recognizing the difference one person can make in one’s physical and emotional well-being. Aly Covington has been that person for me. With her caring demeanor, her undivided attention and knowledge, Aly has opened up a new world for me, and I am functioning at a new level again I would never have believed possible. Aly has what it takes to inspire her clients, while maintaining discipline essential to the end result. Her personal commitment to each client is evident at all times. It’s not just a job - it’s her personal lifestyle."

Holly M.

"For me this class should be named “how to love yourself more” and when I’m asked what I’ve learned the most from this class, that is the answer that pops in my head. I learned how to love myself, how to take care of my biggest gift in my life: my health From stress management to nutrition, from sleep habits to psychosocial health, from exercise to the environment we live in. It’s an entire complete package of wellbeing. "

Sam W.

" Aly has not only worked with me in a physical capacity but a mental capacity too. She has been my cheerleader and has rooted me on, especially during times when I’ve struggled to believe in myself. I have had significant results in working with Aly. I now feel good about myself. I also believe that anything is possible if you're willing to work hard at it. I will continue to work with Aly in the coming years because my mind and body feel healthy. "

Jill H.

I would love to help you create a better life. 




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